Quick ‘n’ Simple Freestyle Asian Veggies

Greetings to all readers out there who, like myself, tend to cook simple and quick meals after a long and tiring day at work. The easiest thing is to stop by the store and grab necessary things like for in this case three kinds of veggies and do not forget, a good bottle of wine. As I said, the necessary items! Last night I cooked myself up a good old fashioned bowl of freestyle asian veggies. What the heck are freestyle asian veggies you ask? Well, they are just plain old veggies the store had left at 7 pm in the evening. They can be anything. Broccoli, zucchini, brussel sprouts, spinach, sprouts, cualiflower, carrots, string beans, potatoes, etc. Now take your veggies and chop them up however you like them most and throw them into your wok with the sambal olek that you have sitting in fridge, the ginger you have at home anyways for ginger tea, some soy sauce and sesame oil. The veggies I chose last night were spring onions cut diagonally into strips, cabbage and my all time favorite wok veggie, sprouts. Just throw them in, give em a stir and enjoy! It only takes about 15 minutes with preparation. Don’t forget that Thai rice fits beautifully to this dish. Lecker smacker!


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  1. Julie Laing says:

    Do you grow your own sprouts? It’s insanely simple–I grow mine on the kitchen counter in a widemouth pint jar with a mesh lid screwed on top. Just rinse when you’re making morning coffee and prepping dinner–it’s easier than feeding a dog!


    1. My mom does the same as well and keeps telling me how simple it is, but I keep forgetting to grow them myself 😀 Haha! I should definitely give it a try. How long to they take to grow?


      1. Julie Laing says:

        Mother knows best, right? It’s about a week for either salad sprouts or mung bean sprouts. I go through what I grow in a pint jar in about that time, so I usually just start the next jar as soon as one is ready to eat.


      2. Wow that sounds perfect! I usually buy sprouts at least once a week, but this will definitely save me the trouble of running to the store and hoping that they aren’t sold out or anything. Do you also eat them raw in salads?


      3. Julie Laing says:

        I do. To get my green fix in winter, I always have a salad sprout blend in rotation (I think mine has alfalfa, radish, and broccoli seeds); I use them instead of lettuce on sandwiches and in pitas. Once spring hits and my garden starts to produce, I grow fewer salad sprouts but more bean sprouts to mix into salads and stir-fries. So delicious!


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