I know the new year already started, but the Chinese new year just started! And to that I shall say “Gong xi fa chai!”. And what better way to celebrate CNY than with a delicious steamboat dinner? I guess you have already figured out that I have some Chinese blood flowing through my fusioned veins.

I was wondering what to put on the table for this year’s celebration. It is the year of the rooster, so I guess it would be ironic if there would be chicken served. 😀 And again the idea just hit me. A real crowd pleaser and something that will make sure that the dinner will be long and everyone will stay put at the table for longer than 20 minutes. Steam boat or aka hot pot was just the perfect solution. It combines the cooking part, the enjoying part and everyone’s favorite ingredient of a dinner. While everyone is happy about the large choice of food they can throw into their baskets, they can still chat and contemplate as well as express their hopes and dreams for the next year, while their food choice is cooking slowly and yet visibly in the delicious broth which was prepared beforehand. Similar to my raclette post actually. Just more Asian. 😀

Usually you cook a strong broth beforehand and prepare a diverse selection of veggies, meat and seafood. Cut them up into smaller bite sizes. Cook rice in your rice cooker and prepare some dips or sauces as well. Once the dinner is almost over and everyone seems to be full to the rim, get your glass noodles out which you soaked in cold water beforehand. Then cook them up in the broth which should be full of flavor by the end of the dinner and add an egg or two and stir them in so they become flaky. That is how a steamboat usually ends traditionally.

If you celebrated CNY as well, I hope you enjoyed your meal and the celebration! Take Care! Lecker smacker!


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