Plain Old Avocado

Sometimes when I feel like eating something fresh and real quick and can’t think of anything, I just grab myself a yummy green fruit. One of my favorite to be honest. I am also trying to grow my own avocado plant but apparently it takes about 8 years until it bears fruit. So I’ll have to be patient. It’s a simple fruit and yet it is delicious. You can combine it with almost everything. You can use it as a spread for breakfast or a pasta sauce or as a well known dip (guacamole). But I just enjoy it’s pure taste. Well not really 100% pure taste, let’s say 90% pure taste.

What I do is prepare my avocado like in the picture posted and squeeze juice from half a lime over it and sprinkle some salt over it. I just love the tangly feeling of salt and lime juice together with the creamy and nutty taste of avocado. It definitely always makes me smile while enjoying this simple snack.


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