This Dinner is Nuts!

The weather forecast has condemned this Saturday to be a typical cold winters day. And a dear old friend of mine who lives what seems like eons away has set her mind to get into her car and come visit me!  I can’t wait to see her again. Ever since we graduated from university we hardly see each other anymore which is mostly due to our chosen career paths. So this dinner will be one of hopefully many reunions to look forward to.

And I’m doubtlessly gonna make the long journey worth her while. I just hope that she is in for a nutty dinner (pun intended).

Since I’m writing this post in anticipation for Saturday and I don’t test-run my meals beforehand, as I am a go-with-the-flow kinda person when it comes to cooking, I won’t have any pictures or full-out tested recipes that I can bring to the table (Ha! Pun intended!) yet. But here’s a little glimpse for you and yes, spoiler alert for my up and coming posts! But I bet that my nosy readers will still continue to read and check in with me, and I am grateful for you! *thankful-clapping*

Now drum roll please…

The dinner will start out with

baked goat cheese on a slice of toasted homemade baguette with a sweet walnut crust and a dash of homemade basil pesto

followed by

fresh tagliatelle with a spicy chicken peanut curry sauce

and it will subside with

kiwi quark cream mixed with white chocolate and hazelnuts.

I guess that you have figured out my intentions behind the title of this post. 😀

Stay tuned for the recipes and cross your fingers that everything goes as expected! I’ll post the recipes throughout the next week. Toodle-oo! Lecker smacker!


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