Optimize your shopping experience

I used to write down my grocery lists with a pen and paper and always seemed to misplace it in the end or forgetting it on the kitchen table. So I decided to try out a digital version for my phone and tablet, cuz I mean come on! How often does anyone forget their phone at home or any place else? As soon as I forget mine, I can guarantee you that you’ll be mistaking my pulse with the pulse of a marathon runner. So point taken? Anyways, before I get carried away again as usual, back to how I shop now. I installed a nifty new App called Shoptimizer.

It’s idiot proof and even lets you manage your own recipes, which is what I love about this app. I’m an organizing wacko. I plan my meals a week ahead. Aah, I can just imagine the thoughts that are coursing through your mind right now….But I can add a little more loony to all that! I stand in the kitchen for 3 hours every Sunday and prepare my lunch for each day at the office for a whole week. There goes the slap to your shaking head right now. Well I plan, prepare and cook all these meals so I have something healthy to eat everyday and can enjoy some home cooking while at work. On top of it all, I don’t have to stand in the kitchen each evening after a long day of work and can just relax with a cold bottle of beer or a divine glass of wine in front of the TV or meet up with friends. Oh gosh, getting carried away again!

Anywayz, I program the ingredients I need for certain dishes and when I am planning my meals for the weekend and the upcoming week I just select the meals and with a push of a button the ingredients are simply added to my aggregated list. Nifty, huh? And what I love, love, love about this app is that I can send the ingredients of a certain dish to another user who has the same exact app, either via mail or message. The same goes for grocery lists. So if you want your hubby or boo to grab an extra tub of ice cream, a bottle of chianti and some extra diapers on his way home from work, just send him your tiny list per mail or message and he can simply add it to his list manager and the items will be added to the aggregated list. It helps in terms of trying to keep the annoyance level on a down low.

If you’re a full on organization loon and love to keep track of your stock at home, you can do so by entering the amounts of ingredients you have at home and once you’re done with cooking you can update the lists. This is quite convenient for families with children and with a need to regulate what they have at home. Lets say you always want to stay safe and have at least half a package of diapers at home or at least half a six pack of beer at home and you suddenly have less than that, then the app would just simply update your grocery list with that certain item. Really not bad for people who would seriously take the time and update their lists every time they are done cooking but it’s not something that I would miss.

I admit that the app could look a little more catchy, but I guess it’s an up and coming app which is still in for a long and bumpy ride full of bug squishing (this pun is dedicated to all geeks out there! 😉 ) and updating fun. And sadly it’s only available for iOS at the moment. But fingers crossed that it’ll reach the android and windows world soon enough! Like many other apps, this app doesn’t come for free as it costs as little as USD1,99/GBP1,49/EUR1,99. But I think it’s worth a try as it’s free of advertisement and it offers a full on privacy policy which is quite rare these days and definitely worth the money. Check it out! Lecker smacker!


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