The eve of the new year

Ever thought of what to do, serve or talk about during new years eve? Well I don’t know about you but I love myself some raclette with my closest friends. If you’re guessing that we reminisce about the past year and present our lists of new years resolutions then I’m sorry to say this but to your utter disappointment that is exactly what we do not do at all. We sit at the table, enjoy our raclette dinner and the probable pains of a full tummy after. We talk about all sorts of things, sip our drinks and end up playing some board games which quite frequently lead to a short term hatred among us. But at the end of it all we make up, drink a toast to whatever weird reason no one ever seems to understand and await the sparkling rainbow lights in the sky at midnight. Or if we’re lazy and can’t move after a voluptuous dinner we just make a movie night out of it. And of course the infamous Dinner for One is on the must-watch-list of that night.

Well with my site dedicated to food and all, you are probably wondering why the hack I am rambling on about what comes after dinner and not what’s happening on the table during dinner. I shall admire your patience and sense of curiosity for a second here…OK done!

My raclette dinner contains lots of raclette! OK weird jokes aside. Every raclette dinner is served along with potatoes which are precooked, a diversity of meats, some finely chopped vegetables such as bell pepper, onions, mushrooms and corn, or scrambled eggs. That’s the fun of it all, you can add anything to the table that you like. You grab your pan, fill it with anything you like, let it cook under the heat of the raclette machine, then add the cheese and let it bake and ooze and melt over your own concoction of sides. And you can BBQ some vegetables or meat (bacon is my favorite) on the top. Lastly, enjoy!

What I love most about raclette is that it is a meal that takes time which means that you can sit and enjoy your meal for quite some time and not just gobble it all up in 15 minutes or less and everyone has something to eat. No one has to fuss about anything. A vegetarian would just leave out meat and a vegan would just use vegan cheese instead of raclette cheese and of course avoid meat. And you’re in for a quick and easy preparation. All you have to do is enjoy the food and the happy company.

Feel free to comment what you are doing and eating during new years and maybe I’ll reconsider my new years eve tradition. 😉

Enjoy new years eve, I know I will! Happy new year folks!

Lecker smacker!


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